Best Marine Products "Live Well Sea Chest"

Eliminate air locks common on all stepped hull boats of today as well as some conventional hulls. We engineer and manufacture sea chest for for internally mounted pumps such as the Rules, and also external mounted pumps such as SHURflo and Hooker Electric. Dont leave your bait to chance, let us design a system that fits your needs whatever size boat or live well configuration you have.

Keep Your Bait Alive & Healthy

Best Marine's Live Well Sea Chests are manufactured with 316 stainless steel and thick acrylic tops for quick visual inspection of your bait. A powder coating adds a nice finish to match your boat.

Two- and four-pump models are the most popular, although tournament anglers who have multiple wells and above-deck tanks for transporting massive quantities of bait will often go with a six-pump setup. We utilize 1,500 or 2,000 gallon per hour pumps to circulate the water inside the live well. A two-pump chest holds approximately 5 cubic feet of water, while a four-pump model handles nearly double that amount. Those capacities have ample reserves to compensate for intake fluctuations. For you serious live-bait fanatics, we can customize the system by adding check valves or paired pump controls to regulate the water pressure so that sensitive baits aren’t subjected to excessive force.

Sea Chest